National Insurance Services

The Directors of this national Insurance Services organisation required that their senior managers take on a more strategic role. In this already successful company, the focus was on achieving a greater level of performance from both the managers and their people. It was felt that helping them develop the skills to unlock the potential of the workforce was the most important thing. Therefore, this programme focused very heavily on leadership skills and behaviours.

What we did

Designed and delivered:

  • an assessment and audit process, involving the 20 managers, aimed at understanding their skills and deciding their development requirements
  • a high impact leadership programme that first focused on the participants understanding themselves, before working on the relationships they have at work
  • project facilitation sessions that had the aim of making changes in the business, whilst integrating new skills
  • a programme of development for more practical management skills
  • one to one support in the form of Deductive Coaching, to help the participants integrate the new learning¬†