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Open Programmes

We currently have the following open programmes:

EVH Programmes

We are currently running the following programmes for Employers in Voluntary Housing. 

EVH Governing Body Leadership Programme (EVH Members only)

Future Leaders

Public Sector

Four years ago Scottish Enterprise identified a need for employees, with management and supervisory potential, to be developed into these roles in preparation for their promotion.

What we did

Using the information from SEA we designed a supervisory development programme, Developing Managers of the Future. This programme delivers development in supervisory and management skills to individuals who have the potential to become supervisors, or who have recently been appointed into people management positions. Commencing with an Assessment Day and the design of a Personal Development Plan, the programme then consists of 8-half days covering the fundamentals of people management. This programme is certificated by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). 

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This client operates within the sector of agri-pharmaceuticals. Following a major reorganisation, the Chief Executive was concerned that the executive team were unsettled by the changes, and as a result, not realising their full potential. This was in part due to them seeing their potential career opportunities drastically reduced.

What we did

Our consultants undertook a programme of one-to-one deductive coaching sessions with the senior managers. By design this allowed the participants to address issues that were important to them. Therefore, the senior managers had the opportunity to work through issues ranging from quick-fix operational problems, to long-term career and life planning.

These coaching sessions have been so successful that we have been asked to offer the same assistance to the first-line managers, in an effort to allow them to drive the operation in a more 'hands-off' manner.