Defence Sector

This client operates within the private defence sector specialising in military systems. Two teams which, due to the structure in the organisation, had differing objectives, were required to work as a single cohesive team. This was a requirement as, together, they were responsible for working towards a sales plan which runs into hundreds of millions.

What we did

Our consultants facilitated the teams through a series of workshops which saw all of the individuals involved, working together as a unit for the first time. This workshop had a very clear objective which was to find a way for people to work together as a single team.

This resulted in them leaving the sessions having:

  • Explored some of the most significant barriers to effective teamworking
  • Discussed where conflicting objectives were inhibiting their effectiveness
  • Defined the shared goals which would be used as the driving force for the change required
  • Designed a process which will drive the two teams to function as a single entity in the eyes of their clients

This is an on-going process which the team has taken full ownership of, and is already delivering benefits