Do you find yourself frantically taking notes at meetings or other sessions? Do you find that accessing them again in the future can be a real challenge? Well the solution is here – The Livescribe Pen.

This week’s post is actually a link to a guest post of mine on Daniel Gold’s website. In it I outline how I use the Livescribe pen in my work. Broadly speaking the pen digitises all of my notes, and can even record audio at the same time. It is a technological marvel in itself. However, when it is combined with the incredible capabilities of Evernote, everything changes. I now have instant access, anywhere, to all of my notes. I can find them based on how I may have filed them, but more importantly, I can search the actual notes for words or phrases.

To read the post go to Daniels Blog and have a look. If you have to take notes for business, or education or anything really, I strongly recommend it.

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