As part of the Be Better initiative, we’ve been looking at one of the things which make an impact on how effective you are: how happy and successful you are, and many more things. To work with that we’ve been using the analogy of us having two battling wolves inside us. If you have been working through this, you should already be significantly more able to know where your attention is. This will have already made a difference to how your thoughts impact you physiologically. If you haven’t been working through it, then this post is for you.

I wanted to just list the post we’ve done, and take stock. Go back and read through them. Take the time to go through the exercises. Give yourself space and time to do them properly. So far we’ve covered the following

The Wolves Inside us – the story itself

What this all means – how it connects with us and our thinking

Did you Notice That? – the power of acuity and how to develop it.

Focussing on Focus – a look at how you pay attention to where your attention is..

I decided to take a few weeks where I was focussing more on my wolves and what I was doing with this and next week, we’ll ramp up the practice on using your attention to improve things. If you have been working through it, then stay focussed, if you haven’t then go through them, and I’ll touch base with you next week.


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