In my last post I talked about the analogy that we have two wolves battling inside us. Go back and read that post if you haven’t already.

Over the next few posts we are going to break this down and understand more about it, and what we can do about it. How can we be more in control of which wolf we feed and therefore which one wins? First I wanted to spend some time just understanding the story more, to satisfy my own scepticism. I believe that the more you understand something, the more chance you have of finding use in it, and turning it to your advantage.

The story suggests that you have two wolves inside you, and that they are battling. Battling for what is not clear, but my view is the battle is for supremacy over you and your destiny. Now destiny may not be a word that everyone would use when thinking of themselves, but it is definitely what we are talking about. Think of destiny as where you are going, how you are feeling, how much you are getting what you want (or wanting what you get). We are all heading somewhere, and will all have a certain level of satisfaction when we get there. This is what I mean when I use the word destiny. The story is suggesting that the wolves’ battle is what is the master of your destiny. It is also hinting at the fact that if you take control of the battle, you will be taking control of your destiny.

Think of each wolf as a machine. A machine which feeds on thoughts and emotions. The more you give it the kind of thought or emotion it craves, the better it gets at generating its output. And here’s the big paradox – each wolf’s output is thoughts and emotions. Each wolf drives thoughts inside you that you don’t feel like are coming from you; you don’t feel like you have any control over. Each wolf is craving a certain kind of thought or emotion, and will use it to generate more of those thoughts and emotions. In short, they take what you are thinking or feeling, and they magnify it; making you think or feel those things even more.

Each wolf’s output is then being used by you (subconsciously) to drive your physiology. It makes you feel things physically and emotionally (we’ll talk more about the connection between these things in a later post). Taking my Evil wolf, Gmork, as an example. I may find myself thinking, after an unsuccessful telephone conversation with a prospect, “I can’t seem to convince people of the benefits of working with me”. Gmork wolfs that thought down (pardon the pun). He thrives on it. He takes it and spews out thoughts and emotions that are all in some way connected to it. I may not be aware of it happening, but my general mood may slip, and my optimism may suffer. I go to the next telephone number on my list and as I’m dialling, Gmork feeds me the thought “Here goes, another wast of a telephone call. It wont work”. Now ask yourself, do you think sales calls work when you are feeling negative, and convinced (before you start) that they are going to fail? The answer is no.

This is the process we are all going through all of the time. We have thoughts and feelings, both good and bad, and they feed their respective wolf. That wolf drives the motor that is generating more of those thoughts and feelings. The technique we are going to develop will get in the way of this process. It will allow us to be aware of the food we are giving our wolves. It will allow us to generate more positive ones. It will allow us to intercept the negative ones and either stop them, or replace them with more positive ones.

In short, it will allow us to feed our Good wolf, and starve our Evil one.

Something to try

In the following post, we will discuss how to develop the ability to be more aware of these thoughts, but in the meantime, I want you to do something really simple. Remember the Be Better principle. I want you to get yourself a way of documenting your thoughts. I don’t care if its a diary, or a note book, or an App on your phone (of which there are many – Evernote is particularly useful for this kind of thing).

All I want you to do is notice these thoughts and feelings when they happen. If you notice that you have thought (or felt) something either particularly positive, or negative, just capture it. This is a process that will greatly assist in your journey towards taking control of the food source of your wolves. Start it now, and it will build to become something you can do automatically.

In the next post, we will start to understand ‘self-awareness’ and ‘acuity’ – two things that will make this a lot easier for you.

Let me know in the comments what kind of things you come up with, or what method you’re using to record your thoughts. Please, pass this on to your friends, or anyone you think would benefit from feeding their good wolf more. Use the social media links to spread the word.

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