As one of my goals this year is to keep working on my productivity, I have decided to take the last step in my GTD system, and aim to go paperless.

I have used an iPad as my mobile computing device for a couple of years now. When coupled with apps such as Appigo Todo, Dropbox, and the wonderful Evernote, it really ramps up my productivity by allowing me to access everything I need anywhere.

As I outlined in my Blog post write it, file it, access it, I have been using a Livescribe digital pen for some time now, and, for the most part, have been very happy with the results. The one thing that bothers me about it, is that there is a delay between me writing my notes, and them being available across my devices; due to the fact that I have to ‘dock’ my pen with my computer before I can file the notes where I want them.

Enter the iPad and a stylus. This allows me to write notes directly on my device, and save them where I want them straight away. There are a lot of styluses, and even more apps.

The stylus I have settled on is the Adonit Jot Touch. This works in the same way as any other iPad stylus, however the normally thick end is replaced with a clear plastic disc. This allows for more accurate placement. Additionally it is touch sensitive. This is not required for the writing, however I needed this feature for some of the art programmes I run.


For the note taking app, I settled on Noteshelf. It allows me to have various note books; has great control over the look and feel of the writing; has very flexible wrist protection (a feature which stops the iPad thinking your hand is something trying to write); has good support for the touch feature of the Jot Touch and a very large variety of outputting options. Below is a sample of the writing, and drawing that can be achieved (unfortunately, it doesn’t make my handwriting any better).


So my Paperless Challenge is as follows:

  • Only write things in the iPad
  • Scan every piece of paper I receive, from business cards, to invoices
  • Back up everything in Dropbox
  • Save everything in Evernote (giving me instant, searchable access to all of it, anywhere)

I plan to try this for a month and evaluate whether to go back to using the Livescribe.

What are your views on going paperless? Do you have any stories, or examples of having tried the same? Tell me about it, or just add your views, using the comments feature. Also, if you are a twitter or Facebook, or any other social media system user, share this with your connections and let’s get the discussion started.

In coming weeks, I’ll share my setup for using the Todo app, as well as Dropbox and Evernote .