Where did we get to and where are we going?

Last year I began a series of posts focused on Employee Engagement. There were only three parts completed, but the plan was always that there would be more. This post is a review of where we got to, and an outline of what the next few posts in the series will include. It is also your opportunity to input any ideas you may have, or any requests for specific subjects to be covered in the series. Over the next few weeks, the series will continue.

In Part 1, we discussed what Employee Engagement actually is. This was more focused on understanding it as an environment; one that is the result of things that are done.

Part 2 went on to explore the question Why Bother. It explored some of the data that exists purporting that Employee Engagement has very specific benefits. But it also looked at the common sense view of what difference would exist in the attitude and performance of an engaged Employee.

In Part 3 we started to look at understanding what the environment is like in an organisation that has Employee Engagement. This explored the idea that clarity, feeling valued, choice and motivation were some of the key differentiators.

Next week we will begin to look at the skills that a Leader needs to develop in order to create an environment of Employee Engagement. From there we will continue to explore the subject. At the moment, the plan is that we will cover the following:

  • What skills are needed?
  • What behaviours are needed?
  • What processes help create the environment?
  • What challenges might you face?
  • How do you gauge the level of engagement?

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