Employee Engagement is, without doubt, one of the most commonly used phrases in current discussions about companies and the part people play in their success. It would be inaccurate to say that there is little understanding of what it is, but it’s clear that there is little agreement on what it means. This is not an unusual thing in the field of development.  What is unusual however is how many businesses are focusing on trying to achieve Employee Engagement, without having a shared understanding of what it is.

Over the last few weeks, having started last year, I have written a series of posts on this subject. They cover everything from understanding what Engagement is, through what needs to be done, to how to evaluate progress. This post is a summary post, that has links to the rest of the posts. Hopefully you will find it a useful resource for pointers on how to implement Employee Engagement in your business.

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Part 1 – What is it?

Part 2 – Why bother?

Part 3 – What’s the environment?

Part 4 – What Leadership skills are needed?

Part 5 – What Leadership behaviours are needed?

Part 6 – What processes are needed

Part 7 – What things might get in your way?

Part 8 – How can you measure it?