I wonder how many people who read this wish that some aspect of their life could Be Better! 

I have worked in the field of people development for over 20 years now, and it strikes me that most people, who want things to improve, don’t get what they want.

I think it’s time to change that.

Change is simple! It’s not easy: it may even be difficult, but it’s rarely complicated. Sure, we have all seen complicated charts that outline our profile, or our current reality, or define (in layman’s terms) what the problem is. We’ve all seen 10 step programmes for achieving everything we want. We’ve all seen development programmes that claim to be the final ultimate solution. The problem is, that we get in our own way: we somehow stop ourselves getting what we want.

I’ve worked with many of the recognised processes for defining and achieving goals. But the truth is, most of them require too much work. Yes, they address this by building aspirational goals, and methods for maintaining focus, but ultimately, more often than not, they fail. Additionally, the goals themselves can get in the way of change. Once we have a clearly defined destination, we often use it to evaluate how things are now. This can make things seem worse than they are, and demotivate us.

I’ve come to the realisation that we just need to relax about improvement. We need to break it down into the most simple steps that we can. This is why, over the next weeks and months I’ll be introducing some concepts aimed at how to improve things: simple, practical steps that we can take to make real changes. They will all be under the title Be Better!

The Be Better initiative will be a collection of the most simple, but effective, processes for doing one thing – making an improvement. In what? – it doesn’t matter. Of how much? – it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that, whatever we do, our focus is simply on something being better tomorrow than it is today.

So stay tuned. If there’s anything about your life/job/self that you want to be different, there will be something here for you in the coming weeks.

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It doesn’t matter how things are today, things can always Be Better in some small way.