It’s that time of year when people are looking at the year ahead and trying to work out where they want to be by the end of it. You may be particularly organised and have done this at the end of last year. Or, like me, you may have used the Christmas and New Year period to do your thinking. I just wanted to touch base with you to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year, and just let you know what my goals are for the year, hopefully sparking off some thought or discussion in the process.

My goals break into two main areas: Business and Personal, and some of them are steps up from last year. They are…


2014 is going to be the year I change the profile of the business. My strategy of growth has changed and I plan to dramatically expand the areas that we are working in. This included changes in product ranges, delivery methods, revenue increases and operating methodologies. It will be achieved through many changes, but one is how I market myself and the business. ┬áThere will be changes in the use of social medias such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but will also I use this Blog. Up until now it has been mainly used, in a fairly unfocused way, on ‘getting stuff out there’. It will change to be far more aimed at sharing real skills and techniques. To this end, one of the things I will be doing is looking for ideas on what people want. I’ll be looking for your help in making this blog something you look forward to seeing and using. Expect this in the next week or two.


Many of my personal goals dovetail in with the business, but some specifics (in case you’re interested) are:

  • Write a book – finally will get around to writing a business/personal development book. This will most likely be in the area of communication or responsibility
  • Read More – I had this goal last year, and succeeded in it. This year I want to read at least 36 books (which is a lot for me)
  • Fitness – My target is to get to ‘my best condition ever’. I have upped my weight-loss goals, and want to run 1,000 miles in 2014. I have also registered for a 10k, 2 half-marathons, a full marathon and Tough Mudder.

A lot of these goal areas will result in projects, long and short-term, and I am excited about 2014 becoming my best year yet.

So what are your goals for 2014? Let me know in the comments and hopefully we can work together to achieve them.